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Tom lives in a coastal town in Dorset. His interest in photography began at the age of 8 or 9 and  his parents bought him his first camera soon afterwards. As his interest grew he learned about about processing and printing from books in the public library. Acquiring a second hand enlarger, developing tank and some dishes was straightforward. Turning his bedroom into a darkroom provided Tom with some challenges. Hanging all his clothes over the window blocked the light. A wall mounted infra red heater that glowed red. Surprisingly this rather dubious approach worked. The experience of seeing his first image appear in the developing tray was extraordinary. By the age of 12 tom had graduated to a makeshift darkroom at the back of his parents shed.  Eventually a long career in Public Service refocused Tom’s priorities. He spent many years working as an Educator but maintained his passion for photography. Now, having returned to that first love he documents life in the UK and travels widely. Tom has written guest blogs for Fujifilm UK, he has been part of the accredited photographer team at the Glastonbury Festival and has had work published in the UK national papers magazines  and calendars. Internationally  his work has been published in books and magazines.

Tom can be contacted at:    tom.corban@mac.com

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